what is the difference between parameter & Select option.

1.The main difference between parameters and select options lies in the data selection. In case of a parameter, if the selection screen field is left blank, then no data is selected on the other hand if the select option is left blank then, all the data from db is selected.

2. Another difference is that parameter acts as a variable whereas select option acts as an internal table with a predefined structure.

3. At parameter variable you can specify only single value but you can specify more than one input values in a variable specified with select-options, when you declare select-options a selection tables like Internal table with 4 fields like SIGN,OPTION,LOW and High gets created to store the multiple values that are entered in the select -options.

4.The main diffrence between select-options and parametrs is, select-options gives us a range of selections but in parameter we can’t do that we can declare parameters as radio button and checkboxes but for select-options we can’t.

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